During the rise of grunge and alternative rock in the 1990s, her record label relegated her productions only to the European region, where she continued to tour extensively. The production of Classic Diamonds took eight months, requiring a thirty-elements symphonic orchestra and the arranging abilities of Oliver Palotai and producer Torsten Sickert to be completed. Contents. [67][80] Doro supported Saxon in their 2009 UK tour[103] and Motörhead in Germany in 2010. [95] Both After Forever's singer Floor Jansen and Turunen appeared also as guest singers in Doro's albums and live shows. Related Doro Pesch Links Official page Doro Pesch wiki Walking With The Angels video Doro Pesch twitter Doro Pesch facebook. Leur troisième album, True as Steel, reçoit de très bonnes critiques et lance leur carrière. [23] Lemmy, in a 2003 interview, testified how professional Doro is. Doro Pesch est née à Düsseldorf le 3 juin 1964. [150][151][152][153][154] As Floor Jansen of After Forever stated in a 2007 interview, to duet with Doro "was a huge honor and we chose her because she was a pioneer of the female fronted scene". Ez a szócikk témája miatt a Könnyűzenei műhely érdeklődési körébe tartozik. Karrierje során tizenhárom stúdióalbumot adott ki. After the Bomb Rudy Graf Peter Szigeti 3:30 A3. Doro started her career in garage bands in native Düsseldorf underground scene and achieved media visibility and some commercial success with Warlock in the 1980s. Her acoustic performance included also a duet with Blaze Bayley on the Iron Maiden song "Fear of the Dark". Va formar part de les agrupacions Warlock i Snakebite i actualment exerceix com a solista. Doro Pesch wanted to continue as "Warlock" after they split in 1988, but she had legal issues with the label. She decided to keep her Swiss manager Alex Grob, but renounced to be part of a band with whom to share songwriting duties and career decisions. [45] Doro also worked on other songs with Jimmy Harry and Fred Maher in the US. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 6 février 2019 à 18:02. query_builder 14 minutes ago. Ponti at the time was the producer of some minor glam metal acts and the A&R manager of Skid Row and Nelson. [23] She received her green card to live and work in the US in 1991. query_builder 34 minutes ago. [70] The concert was released on a double DVD in 2006 with the title 20 Years – A Warrior Soul. [19] Warlock opened for Dio in Europe[20] and embarked on their only US tour, supporting Megadeth. [96] The event was recorded and released in 2010 in the double DVD 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong by Nuclear Blast, Doro's new record label. [33] Doro was a more commercial offering than the previous album,[34] but resulted in a flop in the US. Français : Doro est une chanteuse allemande. [94] The main part began with songs from Doro's career, including duets with Bobby Ellsworth (Overkill), Jean Beauvoir, Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), Axel Rudi Pell, Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish), Warrel Dane (Nevermore), Liv Kristine, Floor Jansen, Ji-In Cho, Girlschool and other female singers who had sung in the single "Celebrate", issued a few months before the show. The song was released as single on 30 July 2009 and was performed by Doro Pesch and Wacken-organizer Thomas Jensen's ex-band Skyline. Albums de Warlock Hellbound (1985) modifier Burning The Witches est le premier album studio du groupe allemand Warlock . En 1982, elle fonde son groupe de heavy metal : Warlock. Doro Pesch (Düsseldorf, 1964. június 3. –) német énekesnő. [66][67][68] During her European tour with Saxon, Bonfire and Circle II Circle,[69] Doro organized a special concert at Phillips Halle in Düsseldorf to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of her first album, Burning the Witches, and invited many musicians that she had befriended and collaborated with in her career. [35] On the contrary, it sold well in Europe,[26][27] accelerating PolyGram's decision to interrupt the publication of Doro's albums in America, where the commercial appeal of glam metal and classic rock acts was rapidly declining in favor of grunge and alternative rock. [117] The first single "Raise Your Fist in the Air" was released in August 2012. [11][12] On 16 August 1986, Doro was the first woman to front a metal band at the Monsters of Rock festival in Castle Donington, England, the most important European rock meeting of the 80s. Dorothee Pesch, also known as Doro Pesch or Doro, is a German hard rock singer-songwriter, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock. Doro was the first heavy metal figure to perform a drive-in concert during the COVID-19 pandemic, having done this in June 2020. The album had limited success in Europe,[26] but the video for the song "Bad Blood" was voted Best Anti-Racism Video during the first MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony in 1994. Doro. [44], Machine II Machine, the second album produced by Jack Ponti, was created through the collaborative efforts of musicians with very different musical backgrounds. [31] Simmons was willing to start a collaboration and produced the album Doro, with the help of Black 'n Blue guitarist Tommy Thayer and Pat Regan. [151] Doro herself was apparently aware early in her career to have the role "to give other women self-confidence" in the metal world,[9] acting as a pioneer for female fans and musicians. Doro Pesch, původním jménem Dorothee Pesch (* 3. června 1964, Düsseldorf, Západní Německo) je zpěvačka z původně německé heavymetalové kapely Warlock a jedna z mála zpěvaček heavymetalové scény od roku 1980, ve které dominovali především muži. A place for fans of Doro Pesch to create, edit, contribute, and publier wikis about Doro Pesch. [9][10] Warlock signed a new contract with the major label Phonogram and released the albums Hellbound in 1985 and True as Steel in 1986, sharing the stage of European rock festivals with some of the best hard rock and heavy metal bands of the period. [9] On the contrary, in her home country fans and press remained always loyal and favorable to Doro, who received in her career five nominations for the German Echo music award, which she won in 1994 as Best National Female Artist. Doro var en af få kvindelige vokalister fra 1980'ernes heavy metal scene. Strangers Yesterday 7. Read Wikipedia in Modernized UI. Doro's first memory of rock music is the song "Lucille" by Little Richard, which she sang when she was three years old. kesäkuuta 1964 Düsseldorf, Länsi-Saksa) on eräs tunnetuimmista naispuolisista heavy metal-laulajista, ja hän on ansainnut nimityksen Metal Queen.Doro … –) német énekesnő. Doro Pesch (født 3. juni 1964 i Düsseldorf) er en tysk Heavy Metalsangerinde. [8][21][29] She contacted KISS bassist and childhood idol Gene Simmons,[3][30] who was taking a second career as talent scout and record producer. Kartu su grupe ir kaip solo atlikėja iÅ¡leidusi 16 studijinių albumų, Doro yra viena žymiausių moterų atlikėjų roko muzikos scenoje, dažnai vadinama „Metalo karaliene“ (angl. The song is expected appear on her new album, which is due for release in 2021. [52], After the "Love Me in Black" tour in 1998, Doro parted ways with WEA, unsatisfied of the scarce promotion that the album had received,[53] and signed with the German label SPV/Steamhammer. She was eliminated in the Battle Rounds. September 1985 All Night Live 2006: Doro Pesch, Frank Rittel, Henry Staroste, Michael Eurich, Peter Szigeti, René Maué, Rudy Graf: 20 Years - A Warrior Soul DVD: 2006 All We Are: Doro Pesch, Joey Balin: Triumph and Agony 1987 & Warlock: All We Are Re-Recorded Warrior Soul 12. I Rule The Ruins 4. [38][39] The album Angels Never Die, released in 1993, was produced and largely written and performed by Ponti himself and Vic Pepe with the help of various session musicians. DORO PESCH: Getting Married And Having Kids Is 'Not For Me' August 22, 2007 0 Comments Karma E. Omowale of FourteenG.net webzine recently conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch . Doro Pesch 2021 - Biography at Wikipedia (Wiki, Age, Birthday) Doro Pesch - singer, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock Doro Pesch was born on June 3, 1964 in Düsseldorf Doro Pesch Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Doro Pesch is a female vocalist, formerly of the German band Warlock and one of the few female singers of the 1980s Heavy Metal scene, which was primarily a male-dominated genre of music. Doro recently declared that Simmons "was the best producer we ever had! Login with Facebook [70] On 13 December 2003, she performed in front of more than 6,000 people[70] with guests Blaze Bayley, Udo Dirkschneider, Lemmy, Mikkey Dee, Jean Beauvoir, Claus Lessmann and members of Saxon and Circle II Circle. Doro Pesch (Düsseldorf, Alemania; 3 de junio de 1964) es una cantante de heavy metal alemana. [15][22] Doro persevered in the legal battle for the Warlock name and eventually regained the rights in 2011. [21], Returning in the US after the European tour, Doro was put in contact with Jack Ponti, a mainstream songwriter and producer from New Jersey, to work on her next two albums. She started a solo career under the name Doro, in order to avoid legal battles between her record label PolyGram and her former manager. She has released sixteen solo studio albums. Grenzer. [79] More songs were recorded in Germany in the spare time between tours with her band and usual collaborators, and released in 2006 in the album Warrior Soul. Doro Pesch (Düsseldorf, 3 ad Śugn dal 1964, Dorothee 'l è 'l sò nóm véra) l'è na cantànta heavy metal tedésca ch'l'à cantâ prima in dal grup di Warlock (in fiṅ a 'l 1988) e pò in dal sò grup Doro.. Biugrafìa L'infànsia. [46][59], Doro was again in a recording studio to produce her eighth studio album, titled Fight, in 2002. She released her first album in six years, Forever Warriors - Forever United, on 17 August 2018, entering in many charts worldwide. En 1982, elle fonde son groupe de heavy metal : Warlock. Feloszlásuk előtt még egy … Fue una de las primeras cantantes de metal en los años 1980, cuando los hombres dominaban este tipo de música. [120], Doro continued touring and had more celebratory shows in the following years, although with less tight schedules than in the past. Dark Fade Doro Pesch Peter Szigeti 4:14 A4. Doro Pesch ebben az együttesben kezdte karrierjét. She consciously chose to not get married or have children in order to dedicate all of her time to her musical career and her fans. [13] Warlock's long tours in Europe, supporting W.A.S.P. [14] and Judas Priest, pushed Doro to give up her day job as a graphic designer to devote her life to music. Außerdem sind alle Titel von Warlock und Doro dabei. She was accompanied by the Classic Night Orchestra for the first show. [18] It includes the songs "All We Are" and "Für immer" (Forever), Warlock's best known tracks, also because of the intense rotation of their videos on MTV. [112] Always in 2010, Doro, Schmier, Mille Petrozza (Kreator) and Alf Ator (Knorkator) lent their voices to the German version of Metalocalypse, the US animated show about Dethklok, the world's most popular death metal band. [119], To celebrate her 30th stage anniversary, Doro held a two-day concert at CCD Stadthalle in her hometown of Düsseldorf on 2 and 3 May 2014. Love Me in Black est le sixième album studio de la chanteuse allemande Doro Pesch.Le nouveau label de Doro, WEA, décida de ne publier l'album qu'en Europe.L'album se classa à la 38 e position en Allemagne [1].. La maison de disques WEA laissa à l'artiste une grande liberté pour réaliser son nouvel album, un travail sur trois années divisant deux équipes de production [2]. Walking With The Angels 8. [145], Her frequent European tours in the 1990s maintained her visibility in the eyes of the fans and granted her enough income to survive the bleak period. [116], In 2012 she recorded in the US, Germany and Scandinavia songs for a new album titled Raise Your Fist, released in October. The Night of the Warlock Doro Pesch , Chris Lietz 5:43 2. [73], German rock singer and frontwoman of Warlock (born 1964), The climate of metal wasn't good for the last five years (...) Grunge was around and bands like. Doro Pesch is a female vocalist, formerly of the German band Warlock and one of the few female singers of the 1980s Heavy Metal scene, which was primarily a male-dominated genre of music. Doro Pesch. [3][4] The lyrics of the song "You Are My Family", which opens the album Warrior Soul, exemplify this decision. The album was produced and engineered by usual collaborators Andreas Bruhn, Chris Lietz and Torsten Sickert and reflects in the songs a strong celebrative mood. [3][4] She learned to play piano and started singing at the age of ten years,[5] when she was exposed to the glam rock of bands like T. Rex, The Sweet and Slade. Dann Huff of the melodic hard rock band Giant contributed his lead guitar work to the album. Hopefully, we can soon enjoy normal shows again as well. She was eliminated in the Battle Rounds. Castle Donington 1986", "Gold-/Platin-Datenbank: search for Warlock", "Doro Pesch Says She's Acquired Rights To Warlock Name", "Doro > Charts & Awards > Billboard Albums", "Doro – Producing Music from the Heart", "Return of the Metal Goddess – An Interview with Doro Pesch", "Doro Pesch Interview 4-27-01, Nesconset, New York", "Holy Moses & Doro – To Drunk To Fuck (Live @ Wacken 2001)", "Saxon, Doro, Circle II Circle: European Tour Dates Announced", "Doro: '20 Years A Warrior Soul' DVD To Be Shown In German Movie Theaters", "Doro: Special Guest Stars Announced For Wacken Open Air Appearance", "Lista de los titulos mas vendidos del 30.08.04 al 05.09.04", "Doro Pesch TO Guest On ABBA Tribute TV Show", "In-depth phone interview with Doro Pesch", "Doro Stars in Second Part of "Anuk-Der Weg des Kriegers, "Da rockt das Stadion: "Wir sind Borussia" – die neue CD ist da! The album was their most successful, going Gold in Germany[17] and reaching No. [33], Despite living in the US and losing visibility in the English-spoken media, Doro remained very popular in Germany,[10] where her albums always charted[26] and where in 1991 she sang on a charity song by the "German Rock Project" called "Let Love Conquer the World". Sites: doro.de, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter. Doro Pesch was a contestant on Season 5 of XVoice. [26][100][101] It was her last collaboration with guitarist Joe Taylor, who left to join Cycle of Pain. Guest singers included Biff Byford, Chris Caffery, Udo Dirkshneider, Blaze Bayley, Marc Storace, Tom Angelripper, Mr Lordi and Hansi Kürsch. En 2009, elle écrit et interprète la chanson "We are the Metalheads" pour le 20e anniversaire du festival de metal Wacken Open Air, et qui en deviendra l'hymne officiel. 1LIVE Krone 2014 Bülent Ceylan Doro Pesch mit Krone 1.jpg 2,273 × 1,516; 1.3 MB [121], By November 2019, Doro had begun writing new material for her fourteenth album. [6][15] Her record label forced her to accept the publication of new albums under the name Doro, in order to continue her career. Doro headlined her first Wacken Open Air festival on 20 August 1993. "[32], A band formed by the American musicians Thomas Jude on guitars, Paul Morris on keyboards, Nick Douglas on bass and Tom Coombs on drums was assembled for the supporting tour. Doro Pesch, původním jménem Dorothee Pesch (* 3. [65], By 2003, both fans, press and internet community had often referred to Doro with the moniker Metal Queen,[65][66] to show their respect and deference for the uninterrupted career of the German singer on the heavy metal scene. Vita:Doro Pesch. [22] The album includes the songs "Love Me Forever" and "Alone Again", recorded in California with the leader of the English band Motörhead Ian 'Lemmy' Kilminster,[22] starting a tradition of singing duets that Doro maintained for all the 2000s and beyond. [159] Doro has been a trained Thai boxer, a sport that she started practicing in 1995. [122] Her new single "Brickwall" was released digitally on June 26, 2020, with a vinyl version to be released on July 31. Doro Pesch est une chanteuse allemande qui a commencé sa carrière en 1982. [75] In the same night, Doro was reunited again with her bandmates of Warlock to perform their old songs. Fear No Evil is the eleventh studio album of the German female hard rock singer Doro.It was released worldwide in 2009 by AFM Records. Bekannt wurde sie als Sängerin der Band Warlock, etablierte sie sich Mitte der 1990er Jahre erfolgreich als Solokünstlerin. Hun var i 1980'erne sangerinde i bandet Warlock, men skabte i 1990'erne en solokarriere. Albums de Doro Warrior Soul (2006) Raise Your Fist (2012) modifier Fear No Evil est le 10 e album studio de Doro sorti le 23 janvier 2009 . [70] Live footage from that tour was published in the double DVD Für Immer of 2003, which went Gold in Germany. [15] American guitarist Mario Parrillo (ex-Detente and Fear of God[50]) joined Taylor, Douglas and the returning Johnny Dee in Doro's band for the following tour,[51] which included another participation at the Wacken Open Air festival. During the period of shooting, she wrote and recorded new songs in Switzerland with local session musicians and the production of Gasser,[78] who used three of those songs for the soundtrack of the movie. [45] She enjoys graphic arts and painting in her limited free time. [91] Chris Caffery replaced Joe Taylor on lead guitar for some US dates in 2007,[92] and also Oliver Palotai had to be replaced in various tour dates by Italian guitarist Luca Princiotta, because of his multiple commitments with Blaze, Kamelot and Sons of Seasons. Dorothee Pesch (born 3 June 1964), known professionally as Doro Pesch or simply Doro, is a German heavy metal singer-songwriter, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock. [144], Warlock were starting to make a solid reputation in the US, when the taste of the audience for classic metal acts shifted in favor of grunge, leaving the singer's mission to conquer the American market incomplete. Doro Pesch (Düsseldorf, Alemania; 3 de junio de 1964) es una cantante de heavy metal alemana. [40] It contains a mix of melodic hard rock songs and power ballads,[21] typical of the commercial pop metal albums of the period. [45] The result is an album that explores new grounds for Doro, bringing her sound closer to mainstream rock music.

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