There are not too many Thai dishes you can eat on a gluten-free diet. All the dishes at Rasayana contain no wheat, dairy or meat and consist of primarily nuts, seeds, sprouts, vegetables and fruits. Not to mention that we found at least one restaurant in several popular Thai destinations that’s either gluten-free friendly or 100% gluten-free! Thailand is not an easy place to find apartment rentals or hostels with kitchens (stove/electric plate). The woman at this stall makes a mean version of loaded potatoes. Rasayana’s Raw Cafe gets extra brownie points from us for its peaceful, tranquil and nature-y atmosphere, which is a great welcome compared to the noisy and chaotic Bangkok. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket | Bang Tao Beach, 83000 Phuket Most soup vendors sell more than one kind of soup, usually a wonton soup dish or an egg noodle soup dish, which have wheat in them. Originally just an online store to order delicious gluten-free cakes, Cake Away has now expanded to a 100% gluten-free restaurant with healthy gluten-free meals and delicious cakes! Lese Bewertungen, finde Öffnungszeiten, erhalte eine Wegbeschreibung und finde das nächste glutenfreie Hotel in Rheinland-Pfalz. Many of their dishes can be made gluten-free and vegan. Dezember 2016 Jürgen Glutenfrei … All the baked goods in Amaka Cafe are gluten-free and most breakfast items are gluten-free as well. Was brauchst du dazu? I am a celiac living in Korea and plan to visit Thailand next year, so I appreciate this. If you can’t stay somewhere with a kitchen, opt for a gluten-free friendly hotel. Entdecken Sie die große Auswahl unserer Kur- & Wellnesshotels mit glutenfreier Küche im Angebot! Lucky for you, we found those very few places, some of which are 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants in Thailand! Unfortunately, wheat is commonly found in soy sauce, some fish sauces (although the commonly used fish sauce brand does not use wheat), oyster sauce and mushroom sauce. Mehr Informationen bekommst du auch in meinen Blogartikeln über traditionelle glutenfreie Gerichte in Thailand und glutenfreie … All the employees at the cafe are trainees! So yes, you can take a cooking class in Thailand, just let them know ahead of time, bring your own sauces, and make sure there are separate cooking stations! Many of their dishes are or can be made gluten-free. But hey, there are enough gluten-free goods to not be sad about not having bread. As for lunch and dinner you can also find an array of gluten-free options available. Not having gluten-free options doesn’t mean stuffing your face with only gluten-free processed foods and unhealthy shit. The poolside restaurant can also make gluten-free meals on request. ... Hotel Weiss in Südtirol – Glutenfrei … A night out is a must in Bangkok, and guess what? I just got back from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Taipei. My biggest take away: on the trip (my first foreign trip since getting myself gluten free) my diet was restricted, to the point that a few times I skipped a meal (or ate a protein bar) for lack of suitable choices, but those times when I had a dedicated gluten free restaurant available, I felt such deep gratitude and aliveness in eating that I ordered generously and savored every morsel my food. The cold-pressed juices and raw cakes seem to be gluten-free as well, as no oats are used for either. For the trial week you can order for one week (a minimum order of three meals is required) and you will be billed only for the meals ordered. It states it has <3ppm (parts per million). If you don’t want to trek all the way to the Cafe, you can have your meal delivered to your door. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get your FREE Thai allergy card here. Es sah jedenfalls spektakulär aus und hat das Erlebnis hat mich völlig eingenommen. Auf der Homepage des. I also write a gluten free travel blog – and I’m going to add your site to mine! Again, you want something simple, but something that still communicates the seriousness of your dietary needs. As part of a Yoga Center, Vikasa Life Café focuses on serving healthy dishes that are good for the soul. If you are looking for something specific, like gluten-free restaurants in Thailand, just use the index below. Then why not get $35 off your next stay with this coupon! Das Verständnis für unser Problem und unsere strikte Diät ist in manchen Restaurants in der Heimat ja oft immer noch gering.Aber in Thailand … Though rice noodles are used in the majority of dishes, they are usually smothered in soy sauce or oyster sauce. (Their chips are baked, so chips are in bounds!) You can find things labeled in English and even marked gluten free! You can indulge in homemade waffles or pancakes for breakfast, or lose yourself in some delicious stew chicken or roasted pork, all of which are gluten-free and healthy! However, keep in mind that their menu states that there might be cross contamination. You can find a wide range of gluten-free foods ranging from cereals to Bob Mill’s flour mixes. This stall is where you can eat Pad Thai. The beautiful atmosphere and 100% gluten-free menu makes this hidden gem a must-visit while in Chiang Mai. There were times when I noticed the ingredient percentages didn’t add up to 100. You helped us so much! Bei allen glutenfreundlichen Hotels in Thailand informieren Sie das Hotel bitte bei der Buchung und setzen Sie sich eine Woche im Voraus mit Ihnen in Verbindung, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Anfrage eingeht und Sie Ihre fantastischen glutenfreien Bedürfnisse befriedigen können! See Tripadvisor's Thailand, Asia hotel deals and special prices on 30+ hotels all in one spot. Nach 16 Stunden Anreise (mit zahlreichen Problemen beim Check-In und dem glutenfreien Essen an Bord, mehr dazu im Post über das Essen bei Lufthansa Premium Economy) endlich im Hotel … Location: If you found the Pad Thai guy above then just walk 3-4 stalls down and the Shompu’s Potato stall will be there. So wird auch für Gäste mit einer Glutensensitivität … Invisible culprits aren’t the only problem with Thai soups. Bangkok Gluten Free. The contemporary style luxury hotel located directly on the banks of the Mae Ping River is happy to accommodate any guest with dietary needs. Blue Diamond is a great little spot for western style breakfast. Gluten-free breakfast includes gluten-free bread and muffins! If you utilize this gluten-free Thailand guide during your trip, you will get to taste some gluten-free Thai food during your stay. The owner is celiac and she understands cross contamination. Theera is an allergen-free bake room with healthy and guilt-free desserts, all-day breakfast and branches. If you are coming from the direction of the bus station it will be on the same side as the temple. The menu is almost entirely gluten-free, with the exception of the two sushi starters: Mock Salmon Sushi (contains nama shoyu) and the Barley Sushi, which clearly contains barley. Der Tag beginnt mit einem Frühstück auf dem höchsten Punkt im Resort mit Blick auf das Meer und einem riesen großen Buffet UND einer kleinen Ecke gekennzeichnet mit den Worten „gluten-free food“ mit ausschließlich glutenfreiem Brot und süßen Teilchen die alle SELBSTGEMACHT sind und jeden Tag variieren. And Barrab and the owner were amazing in Chiang Rai. With all the gluten-friendly hotels in Thailand, please inform the hotel upon booking and follow up a week before to make sure they got your request and can accommodate your awesome gluten-free needs! Trust us, your life as a traveling celiac will never be the same. P.s. Auch Kroatien hält in allen touristischen Regionen eine Auswahl an glutenfreien Hotels bereit: Valamar Diamant Hotel, Porec, Istrien. Valamar Isabella Island, … Dazu beigetragen haben ganz klar das glutenfreie Essen, der wunderschöne weiße Strand, das blaue und warme Meerwasser, die Hotelanlage sowie die schönen Zimmer aber auch der erstklassige Service. Note: Never mind the Maggi bottle in the picture. I also blog and have resources on my website for gluten free living, so I will link to your blog on my site. Want to throw yourself a gluten-free party? Gourmet Market is exactly like it sounds, good quality food, but for a hefty price! Highly recommend the egg wrap pad thai with a bottle of their homemade orange juice. Tops is found throughout Thailand. Thanks, Julie, Great post and spit on. All meals, which are cooked by a foreign chef, contain no grains, no processed food, no food flavorings, no additives, no preservatives, and no industrial meat, just pure, natural and healthy food just the way mother nature intended it to be. Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel | Pathum Wan, 10330 Bangkok Buy your own gluten-free soy, fish and oyster sauce and bring them to restaurants with you, or use them to make your own meals! ... Bangkok Hotel … Even though all these restaurants offer gluten-free options, they are NOT 100% safe for celiacs because the possibility of cross-contamination is very high. This raw food cafe makes the list for our top gluten-free restaurants in Bangkok not because the food is amazing (it’s not bad), but because it has the least amount of possible cross-contamination and gives celiacs and gluten-free dieters a small sense of relief. Click here to read reviews and check availability. Thailand ist ein faszinierendes Land und bietet mit exotischen Traumstränden wie Ko Samui, uralten Tempeln, einer faszinierenden Tier- und Pflanzenwelt sowie einer interessanten Kultur … Der Afternoon wird im gleichen Restaurant Koh Thai wo es auch das Frühstück gibt serviert, ganz oben auf dem Resort mit wundervollem Ausblick auf das Meer. Find the perfect hotel within your budget with reviews from real travelers. Your email address will not be published. My favorite meal was the Bibimbap–such a delicious combination of flavors. What a great resource! Ferrang, the Thai word for foreigners, often ignore such street restaurants; but with the huge insurgence of money-minded backpackers, more and more travelers are eating with the … I just didn’t spend enough time there to have as much info as you :), Our article is fairly recent, I wrote it in April so that could explain why you didn’t find it. There is a lot of misinformation out there about eating gluten-free in Thailand, information that can be extremely harmful for those with a gluten allergy or celiac disease, like myself. Check the labels on everything even if it says gluten free. Insider Tip: If you buy one you pay the bar price, but if you buy six you pay the wholesale price :). The food at Pink House is good, but the desserts are even better. Foto: Hotel … Not Celiac friendly. We don’t recommend Rasayana’s if you are in the mood for a warm meal. Use the photo as your guide! The culture emphasizes eating food outside rather than cooking your own meals. With Paleo Robbie’s trial week option, you can test or should I say taste their services before committing to them! However, curries are usually safe, as they are often made from a blended spice paste and coconut milk, but of course, always double check. Here you can indulge in a delicious meal and mouthwatering desserts worry-free, as everything is gluten-free! Wir haben uns natürlich erst dafür entschieden als ich die Bestätigung bekam, dass es auch glutenfrei möglich ist. Their delicious goodies (cookies, cupcakes, and cakes) can be enjoyed by most, if not all allergy sufferers as all the products are soy, shellfish, milk, egg, peanut, gluten and wheat-free. Guten Appetit! Recommendation: If you like to travel make sure to check out our new gluten-free guidebook. Dezember 2016 Jürgen Glutenfrei Unterwegs, Glutenfreies Leben, Startseite 1. 13. The majority of the menu is gluten-free and it’s clearly marked. Mandarin Oriental Bangkok | Bang Rak, 10500 Bangkok Das ist der (vorerst) letzte Post über meinen, Seitdem ich Zöli bin hatte ich das große Glück schon in zahlreichen Hotels mit glutenfreiem Angebot übernachten zu dürfen. They also have a small shop attached to their cafe that sells gluten-free and organic products. Who would have thought we would find a 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery in Thailand? You can choose from an array of different toppings like sour cream with mushrooms and cheese or avocado, tomato and cheese. I saw that you written an article about gf place at Krakow – it’s my city! Besides their gluten-free items in the supermarket, they also bake their own breads and snacks that are all gluten-free and dairy-free. Seriously, you cannot visit Phuket without visiting Bake Free, even if you aren’t on a gluten-free diet! Das glutenfreie Frühstücksbuffet im Four Seasons hat sich vier Tage lang NICHT wiederholt. Also, if you ask nicely you might even get delicious and fluffy gluten-free pancakes! SAVE! Earth Tone is a vegetarian cafe that offers many gluten-free dishes, including salads, buckwheat waffles, raw cakes and fresh spring rolls. All imported GF goods are tested not just once but twice to make sure everything is truly gluten-free. Mit meinen 11 Tipps bist auf deine Reise als Zöli nach Thailand vorbereitet. I did a lot of research ahead of time, but didn’t come across yours. Required fields are marked *. Of course, expect for those items to cost a bit more. Fest steht, in Thailand muss man noch mehr als zu Hause aufpassen, was und wo man isst. Curious as to how a 100% gluten-free restaurant popped up in Thailand? Below is a map of all the gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, hotels and supermarkets listed in this article. It is possible, however, these bloggers are forgetting about cross-contamination. However, there is no need to overpack your backpack with gluten-free bars and other gluten-free treats, as Villa Market has a bunch of imported gluten-free products. -die entsprechende … For example, when you Google gluten-free restaurants in Chiang Mai, the first restaurants that will come up will be Salsa Kitchen, Blue Diamond, and Butter is Better. Here are the two bars we know of in Bangkok that sell gluten-free beer: A variety of Brunehaut Beers (GF Belgian Beers) are sold at this bar. Auch das Hotel Edita gehört zum Verbund „Glutenfrei – Sorgenfrei in Scheidegg“ und ist von der Deutschen Zöliakie-Gesellschaft (DZG) zertifiziert.Spätestens im Gespräch mit dem Küchenchef Christoffer Werz merkt man, dass hier nicht nur mit einer glutenfreien Speisekarte geworben wird, sondern dass man auch ganz dahintersteht und weiß, was „glutenfrei… We spent over a year in Thailand, and I honestly believe Thailand is one of the worst places for a celiac. Free Bird Cafe is a vegan cafe that donates all of its profits to support Burmese refugees in Thailand. We also stars to write a blog about travelling of gluten free people. The amount of gluten-free options at Theera are endless. It’s no wonder we kept going back to Bake Free! Fruit smoothies can be found throughout Thailand, which is awesome, but be aware of vendors who have Oreos as an optional ingredient. The only place that labels products 100% gluten free is Australia and New Zealand as their food laws state it must be 100% gluten free to claim to be gluten free. Bei der Zusammenstellung hat sich jemand wirklich Gedanken gemacht wie die einzelnen Komponenten zusammenpassen können. My wife got caught out with this in Spain. They also bake their own gluten-free bread which can be bought by the loaf. You don’t want to use a super complicated and long allergy card, as it will further confuse the person you are talking to. Butter is Better is an American style diner slash bakery that offers everything from waffles and pies to sandwiches and other deli classics. Amaka is a small bed & breakfast with a friendly staff and clean, comfy and modern rooms. JW Marriott Phuket’s restaurants also have gluten-free options, including their Italian restaurant that serves both gluten-free pasta and gluten-free pizza. Dezember 2016 Das ist der (vorerst) letzte Post über meinen glutenfreien Urlaub auf Koh Samui. Anantara’s culinary team is always happy to accommodate special requests! You can also request most items on menu to be gluten-free. Upon request, Dusit Thani can provide their gluten allergy guests with gluten-free bread, waffles, pancakes, cookies and pasta, as well as gluten-free dishes in the restaurants! That’s why we love so much Italy, they have so many options off gluten free meals! She also sells nachos, but I chose to skip those as she uses store-bought nacho chips, and I don’t really trust the labels. Instead, head to the local market, buy some fresh fruits, veggies and meat, make use of those gluten-free sauces and start cooking. Besides the tasty gluten-free food, what makes Bake Free stand out from many other gluten-free restaurants is the owner’s (who is also a celiac) dedication to making sure Bake Free is truly a safe haven for those with allergies, especially celiacs. If you think you can just point at a bottle and tell the street vendor not to add it, think again. Click here to read reviews and check availability. Oft arbeiten in den großen Hotels Köche aus aller Welt mit einem Verständnis für Allergien und Unverträglichkeiten. Steps With Theera is not only a coffee shop, but also a vocational center that provides employment training and life skills to young adults with special educational needs. If you don’t look for it closely, you just might miss it. Karma Kafe is a fantastic option for celiacs as the menu is almost entirely gluten-free and the only things that aren’t are the granola and dishes that contains soy sauce.They even serve gluten-free bread for burgers, gluten-free wraps, gluten-free french toast and much more. The Pink House in Chiang Mai was my mecca. In their larger stores you might find more gluten-free products, as the larger stores have more western brands! Südtiroler Hotels mit glutenfreier Küche So mancher mag sich fragen, welche Eigenschaften und Vorzüge die glutenfreien Hotels in Südtirol und natürlich auch in anderen Regionen und … Many Thai desserts use rice flour, tapioca starch, mung beans, sticky rice and coconut. ... Backpacking mit Zöliakie durch Thailand – Der glutenfreie Urlaub von Diana 13. I loved Theera in Bangkok. Wahnsinn. Oh, and of course it has an endless amount of fresh baked goods including different cakes and pies, bread, and pita bread. Viele TUI Wellnesshotels haben sich auf diese Ernährungsform ausgerichtet und … I have celiac to the point that I cannot eat cross-contaminated food. I hate listing dishes or meals you can eat in my gluten-free travel guides, as every cook cooks differently and can easily make a naturally gluten-free dish a poisonous gluten-filled dish. Die Tea Time wurde nicht klassisch auf einer Etagère angerichtet sondern auf einem Stück Holz welches an einen Pilz erinnern soll.

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