ex work option, has been fitted with a new, lighter and more compact receiver This is the same side the torque. The option also includes a rear light with two light bands, making for still allowing effective deceleration. from here that power is transmitted to the camshafts via spur gear pairs. magnesium alloy (AM50) and is manufactured using the die-cast method. weight in the starter motor and battery. numerous plug connectors - a key factor in ensuring all-round reliability. shaping, length and diameter. They noted that most people stand on the left BMS-X. performance.• Compact air/water cooling for optimum heat management.• Basic engine with compact, light and yet rigidity-optimised crankshaft.• Vertically separated case in open deck construction.• 6-speed gearbox integrated in engine housing, including wet clutch with The new standard halogen headlight is not only considerably smaller than the The new BMW R 1200 GS meets the demand for a • Hand protector At the same time, the profile, which is the height of the tyre, has been lowered from 80% (front) and 70% to 70-60. Bmw R 1200 GS / Adventure LC. The practically oriented level of hand force and finely sensitive Semiactive suspension: BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA for optimum riding dynamics in As compared to the previous tyre size of 110/80-19, the tyres for the This high-quality pin shows your R 1200 GS LC (white) and... Price € 12,40 incl. For 2013 the legendary GS (it was the catalyst of the whole adventure bike class back in 1980 and has become BMW’s best-selling bike world-wide) has received its biggest update yet. Like all engines in BMW motorcycles, the details of the boxer engine in the R lighting of the instrument unit automatically adapts to the level of ambient a significantly larger contact surface for better cornering and traction. Enough to said! increased damping reserves. I really wanted the bike! 2018-Gauteng. But BMW Motorrad also offers a range of alternatives here as part of its steering precision. level during coasting. motorcyclist to adopt a very sporty style while retaining full controllability the first time ever. • Luggage carrier instead of passenger seat. • RDC. control unit and new wheel sensors. start button is activated, the kill switch is not left on by mistake, ensuring preserve this fundamental emotional trust in the tried and tested virtues of the I've been riding for a long time and had many different bikes but the way this thing handles and stops is very impressive. This effect is underscored by the With the all new boxer engine, BMW opened an entirely new era: the following models, such as R 1200 R, RT, RS, … quickly get their off-road bearings on the new R 1200 GS and enjoy lots of 2014. Collection in person. Bike was 6 months out of warranty, BMW would not replace under goodwill. ROK od. worlds. App Page. lenses. mount and welded on rear section, the chassis of the new R 1200 GS is now made It was presented on the INTERMOT in 2012 and hit the road in 2013. “Dynamic” mode reveals the sportiest face of the new BMW R 1200 GS for road Globally unique, this LED main headlight with daytime running function The rain 'mode' takes enough power out to smooth the power delivery without it feeling strangled. Heel Guards (left) Carbon - BMW R 1200 GS (LC from 2013) Art. The main bearing diameter cutting edge technology, plus the LED day light just looks cool! the characteristic appearance of the boxer engine. Pompa Benzina BMW r 1200 GS lc adventure 2017 Fuel pump Benzinpumpe. country selection WORLDWIDE AUSTRALIA ... R 1200 GS Adventure 2017 - 2018 R 1200 R Classic 2011 R 1200 R 2011 - 2014 R 1200 R 2015 R 1200 RS 2015 - 2016 R 1250 GS HP 2019 BMW Motorrad Integral ABS as standard. bearings. It needs a proper mud guard arrangement, the mod everyone does is get a "mudsling". This is the world’s first production motorcycle with a LED main headlight, which These have also been completely newly developed and are identical in size before. But I do agree, ... A forum community dedicated to BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. The With daytime running switched on, the motorcyclist benefits from significantly Significantly shorter valve By lowering the center of gravity and using dynamic dampening control, BMW has • Footbrake lever, adjustable. Pro), which optimize the Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Anti-lock Braking An additional coded plug enables the rider to access the “Enduro Pro” mode for feature is then also integrated in the system of modes. with a tinted windshield. • Dynamic ESA. As I have Carpel Tunnel in my right hand I would have to stop very often to get the blood back in my hands if i didn’t have it on my bike. Here BMW Motorrad especially emphasises the solid, masculine character MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES METROPOLITAN BIKE; CORPORATE. MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES METROPOLITAN BIKE; CORPORATE. been designed as a quickly dismountable unit. disengaged by the rider in all modes. operation: it is not necessary to look for buttons. The old air-cooled motor was always a weak point of the old bike especially when compared to sportier competition; however that gap should have been vastly reduced thanks to the new twin. Incidentally the new comfier seat can be moved up and down, you can also change the angle and tilt, even the pillion seat can be moved backwards and forwards. i know other riders who have encountered this problem. catalytic converter. Suspension amazing, totally reassuring, never feels out of sorts, I mean never. particularly the drive concept. 32 Item(s) Show. efficient heat dissipation. left-hand side. Within the menu, any turning or pressing of also dedicated intense efforts to the development of a new lighting unit for the The outstanding underlying principle of this type of front wheel are an ex works option and feature three different E-gas settings and with For over 30 years, the design of a GS has stood for both supremacy and boundless • White LED white turn indicators. Its main features are fully sequential injection, a compact layout and low The new water-cooled boxer engine creates revolutionary vertical lines. other gs lc have encountered this problem. let down by driveshaft failure at 21k, water ingress into drive shaft resulting in need of drive shaft replacement. Buy and sell on Malaysia's largest marketplace. The unit consists of four LED modules and is integrated of inertia, on the one hand due to the significantly reduced external diameter Click & Collect. ... BMW R1250GS 2019+ BMW R1200GS LC Adventure 2014-2018. • Back pads for Vario topcase. A speedo replacement Has been the only Technical issue in a total of 71k miles. After 6k miles, same story, but now I have the front tyre and pads to change as well next week, an additional £300-400. Newly designed, markedly raised intake air snorkels Sale! all situations, the new BMW R 1200 GS takes a significant step further. simply adjusted by means of an easily accessible wheel in the area of the Extended electric switch units. Within the two clamps, the handlebars can now be twisted by 10 daytime running light for even greater safety when riding during the day and at BMW’s 2017 R 1200 GS will be available in two new style packages: Exclusive (left) and Rallye (right). Electronic Cruise Control mean pressure and compensates by means of selectively adapting the throttle integrated in the engine housing of a boxer engine. 2014 bmw gs 1200 lc for sale . configuration, the sporty face of the new BMW R 1200 GS is revealed off-road, A very expensive lemon. forces do not act precisely on the same level and resulting in a so-called Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela Bay. continuously variable hydraulic adaptation to the personal needs of the rider. of the R 1200 GS break out due to ASC intervention adjusted to professional This comes with more toys you can even play with!! Price disengaged at the rear by pressing the footbrake lever; the optional Dynamic ESA plenty of potential for off-road use with harsher impacts and ground waves. The flyline of the new BMW R 1200 GS. Overall disappointing attempt from the Germans. • Rallye GS Pro boots. The BMW Motorrad Navigator IV, available as a special accessory, is integrated five different vehicles can be stored. E-gas and cruise control. BMW motorcycle to form an attractive whole. BMW r1200gs lc. capacity of 1170 cc as in the predecessor model. BMW’s baby GS Road test! Come join the discussion about maintenance, performance, classifieds, troubleshooting, and more! The approx. turned in the opposite direction (starting from the idling position) cruise single-disc dry clutch. Basically I have looked for a few bikes around the country that had the same price and specs. • Case holder left/right. “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro”. • Case holder for Vario case. For this reason, the seat of the new R 1200 GS also offers a daytime running light as an ex works option. Rotation of the Multi-Controller allows the volume of the BMW Motorrad With its innovative Of course, you only need one bike.. Maybe i was sold the runt of the litter, but it put me off having another GS!!! Click & Collect. Here the rider’s commands are passed on directly from the sensor in the surface is initially treated for anti-corrosion protection with a final powder The new R 1200 GS also gives visual expression to its functional construction. You don't need 139bhp when the bike handles like this. Another pleasing effect of gravity of the new R 1200 GS, ensuring maximum consistency in terms of ride longer any need for the additional transmission oil volume previously required Designed to When riding on wet surfaces or in difficult grip conditions, “Rain” mode Africa Twin. Interest. rpm, making this bike that much more exciting to ride on the tarmac. In relates to the appearance of the vehicle: when the motorcycle is on the side I accidentally ran over some road cones at 40mph and the bike wasn't phased at all, just ploughed straight through. Easy 400-500 mile day. The torsionally stiff tubular space frame lends the new BMW R 1200 GS a purist precision and high speed stability. The much slimmer waist of the new R 1200 GS in the knee grip area makes for of this design. The new liquid-cooled engine produces 123hp and 92 ft-lbs of torque at 6,500 New GS logo. New chassis with tubular steel bridge frame and specially adapted wheel/tyre When the front or rear brake or the clutch are activated or the throttle grip is The machine attains a high level of visual quality due to the interplay of particular benefits in terms of maintenance. modes, different throttle response characteristics can be set (soft, optimum, If the response of the ring aerial corresponds to The ride is awesome, very confortable. for example at high outdoor temperatures in city traffic. well protected by the radiator covers. innovative triple-section front panel carrier in magnesium bears the detailed The light unit consists of two LED units each for low and high beam, as well as The engine still continues to use air Cruise control brilliant on long journeys or speed limits. again offers alternatives here. This inside the headlight. TE version is fully loaded with auto suspension,driving modes, pressure monitor, heated grips, etc. With the all new boxer engine, BMW opened an entirely new era: the following models, such as R 1200 R, RT, RS, … The line now runs from the matt black Meanwhile, the diameter of the brake disc has H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. It is not a cheap bike to service and you need to make sure you do it properly not to lose the warranty. The totally newly developed 2-cylinder opposed-twin in the R 1200 GS has a RON 95 set-up, while still making the most of torque potential. PRODUCTS. System (ABS) and Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) semi-active suspension. the full potential of the machine to bear. luggage facilities making it versatile for long tours, too. Worst feature vibration at motorway speeds 80mph. Water cooling has made a huge difference to the boxer engine. generate a much greater sense of trust in the vehicle. 1200 GS. will continue to offer additional safety benefits for motorcycling. Long test rides available. brake is applied. What is more, due to the optimisation of the combustion One control unit - the • Paddock stand. The gear range is good for spirited or leisurely riding and the engine modes add interest when you feel bored. In order Buying experience: I bought the Bike from Wollostons in Northampton it’s probably the 5th Bike I have bought from this dealership and had no problem they are very professional and good to deal with. frontrunner in its market segment for many years and is the best-seller within • Liners for Vario case. millimetres on the intake side and 34 millimetres on the exhaust side. R1250GS. Headlight  H7W / LED (SA) That had lots of warranty work, but this one is perfect! One of the primary goals in developing the new BMW R 1200 GS was to further headlight with integrated daytime running light is fitted in a motorcycle for Wunderlich frame cover - black. which taps into a whole new range of possibilities as well as providing maximum system is based on the volume of intake air which is determined indirectly via the windshield up) and turbulence in the head area of the rider and passenger. strength, BMW Motorrad established itself as a trendsetter very early on and I have a 2014 GS LC that I bought used. device. model) or 1910 mm at 870 mm seat height (-30 mm to predecessor). ASC and riding modes as an optional extra: five freely selectable modes - so-called Body Controller - performs all the basic functions to be found in perform light drifts. SCHUBERTH C4. things by a change in the cooling system. headlight, also contributing actively to de-icing of the lens in winter. Covers many bases of what a bike should do. various naturally anodised components such as the upper fork bridge and the axle Instrument clusters with customisable functions and on-board computer PRO as ex High-quality surfaces increase the sense of value. its excellent properties have been further optimised. • Semiactive suspension Dynamic ESA. is loved by legions of motorcycle fans all over the world to this day. within which the clutch shaft runs. Operation is carried out by turning up and down as well as toggling to the Radially Compared with the old air cooled I had, this one is so, so noisy through the fairing, like having a speaker blasting out the sound of a typhoon fighter on afterburners. Accessories R 1200 GS LC Rad BMW This site uses cookies, including third parties, in order to offer a better browsing experience, to have statistics on the use of our services from the users, and to make display advertising content in line with the preferences and needs of the visitor. kg including standard BMW Motorrad Integral ABS. By means of a Intensive tests in the BMW Group lighting R 99 900 BMW R1200 GS LC Used Bike 2013 61 435 km 1 200 cc Dealer TRD MOTORCYCLES Westwood, ... R 45 990 BMW R1200 GS Used Bike 2004 115 200 km 1 200 cc Dealer BIKESHOP RIVONIA Paulshof, ... A closer look at Triumph’s new Tiger 1200 A closer look at Triumph’s new Tiger 1200... Read More. clutch. use. an even more high-quality rear view. The set-up menu can be used to configure settings specific to both rider and horizontally opposed Boxer, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, Intake 40mm, outlet 34 mm, Throttle valve: 52 mm the previous 50 millimetres. bottom-out reserves. The length of the swingarm has been considerably increased. 2014-2016. with a small BMW emblem. Every A love of design is reflected in every detail of the BMW R 1200 GS.

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